Every Day is Christmas

Paul Roberts Association

Music by: Paul Roberts
Lyrics by: Rob Urbin
Vocals by: Chris Farmer

When the winter comes a-calling,
and the sky is bright and clear,
you can feel excitement that grows and grows
as Christmas Day draws near.

There's a special kind of feeling,
at this special time of year,
there's a certain warmness that comes and grows,
as Christmas Day draws near.

And when it comes all the children run
to see all the presents round the tree
And as they do, there's one gift for you
I can't wait for you to see.
It's a special gift for certain,
and as valuable as gold.
When it's in your hand and you understand
You'll know the truth's been told.

When Christmas comes, all the children rush,
to open the presents round the tree,
And as they do, here's my gift for you,
wrapped up in love for you to see.
It's that Every Day is Christmas,
and in each and every day,
there's a chance to laugh, and a chance to love,
and to give a gift away.

So laugh, and love, and give your gift away every day...


© 2013 Paul Roberts, Rob Urbin, Chris Farmer