Paul Roberts Association

The thrill of the ballroom...When We're Dancing is a big band version of a ballroom dancing tune. 

My full-length instrumental album "Heart to Heart" features a gentle mix of lush compositions that convey emotions of love & passion with every note.
​It is truly the music of my heart that I share with the world. 

"Will I Ever Love Again" How many of us have felt this way after a relationship ends? This song inspires hope after a breakup. Vocals by the talented
​Jan Thompson. 

"In My Life" is a story about your true love and how they complete your life.
​Vocals by my friend Rob Urbin.

"Home, I Want to Go Home" is a spiritual and inspirational reflection on life that is perfect for celebrating treasured memories of loved ones. Vocals by Lori Onachuk.

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"When I'm Far Away From You" is a love song anyone can relate to. Vocals by my friend Meg Murphy. 

This jazzy, up-tempo and fun showtune track is a love song featuring

vocals by the talented Lori Lefevre. 


"I Don't Think It's Wrong" is my first composition. We've all lost a love...yet true love finds a way. This song captures the feeling of heartache and healing after. Vocals by my friend & fellow musician Rob Urbin.

"Every Day is Christmas" is a concept that I live my life by. Each day is a gift to be shared with our loved ones and friends. I was honored to have Chris Farmer of the Beach Boys contribute vocals to this song!