Paul Roberts Association

Music by: Paul Roberts
Lyrics by: Rob Urbin

This brand new world you see is yours and mine
and it feels so fine to say,
it’s gonna last until the end of time
and it’s yours and mine today.
All of those secret things you’ve tucked away
can come out to play with me.
So set them free,
and let them shine
they’re yours and mine.

Do you remember when your heart was young
and the fun would never end?
I’m gonna love you till you spin around
and you feel that way again.
We’ll make this brand new world a special place
where your eyes will open wide.
I’ll come inside
our love will shine
it’s yours and mine.

We could both look long and hard
and we might never find,
a love as bright and warm as yours and mine.
Let it shine tonight.

And if the morning finds us smiling still
and I bet it will, well then
we’ll take this brand new world of yours and mine
and we’ll make it shine again.
It will be brighter than the rising sun,
oh won’t it be fun to know
our love will grow.
We’ve got the time
it’s yours and mine.


© 2009 Paul Roberts, Rob Urbin

Yours and Mine