Paul Roberts Association

Now You Know

Music by: Paul Roberts
Lyrics by: Rob Urbin

I remember when and now and then… 
I think about you.

I remember you and when I do… 
I think about your love. 

Here, in my heart - is a place that’s all yours.
When I look into that place,
sometimes I’m sad – 
it’s hard to see your face.

Where did you, why did you go?
Do you know I love you?
I need, to reach you, and say Now You Know.

Days that come and go, what do they know?
They’re only memories.

Time that’s passed us by, won’t make me cry,
there’s always me and you.

Why… Can you tell me? 
Let me know, Let me know, let me know, let me know… where
Whisper my name, upon the wind, so I can hear you… 
so I can find you.

I remember you… I love you so… 
Now you Know.


© 2009 Paul Roberts, Rob Urbin

Now You Know